Features of
StoreHero's Shopify Store Building

Specialize in Shopify

Our skillful Shopify specialists optimize Shopify's great potential.

Shopify App Expert

Leverage over 3,000 Shopify Apps and many different APIs to build a store where you can effectively sell your products.


As growth hackers specializing in Shopify, we build a store that can grow continuously after launch.

Examples of our store building

  • Ladurée

    StoreHero proudly built the Shopify store of Les Melveyuses Ladurée, a legendary French cosmetics brand founded in Paris, 1862. They are known for cheeks, skincare, body care, etc.

  • Homeal


    Homeal provides toddler food delivery services that are carefully prepared for “Children First.” StoreHero built a Homeal Shopify store with customized diagnostic tests to recommend meals based on children's allergies, nutritional balance, eating habits, and more.



    We built the sophisticated SHOCHU X Shopify store. SHOCHU X jointly develops supreme Shochu (Japanese distilled liquor) with the Shochu brewery. SHOCHU X offers a versatile Shochu that suits individual preferences. It delivers the one that will fulfill any situation and emotion.

Client Testimonials

Mr. Takayuki Sakakibara

ALBION Co., Ltd.

Mutual understanding and speedy execution. StoreHero is one of the reasons for adopting Shopify. While considering launching a new official EC site for the brand, Shopify was the best choice comparing various ASPs and its system. StoreHero experts paid attention to our needs and helped us understand the system. It made a speedy launch possible. I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the person in charge was lack of knowledge. Thank you for your patient guidance. We can manage it by ourselves now. From now on, we are working toward maximizing sales.

CEO Takanori Sumita

Weskii inc.

StoreHero suggested improving the experience of those who visit our site. They fully understood our mind and widespread trend. They provided specific solutions and had a solid ability to execute.
Shopify × StoreHero × Weskiii
We are delighted that more site visitors will be pleased through activities that utilize each other’s strengths!

Mr. Toru Sanada

Rasical Japan

I had been using Shopify for about two years before I found StoreHero. I had trouble with the combination of apps and error, rather than fundamental problems.
WIth StoreHero’s support, they investigate complicated problems and answers them immediately. It is beneficial to receive many suggestions.
We look forward to working with them again in the future!

CEO Keisuke Hashimoto


My knowledge was minimal at the beginning when I had launched EC. From that point, “What is Shopify?” StoreHero gave me detailed guidance.
We received comprehensive design and advice for building EC. StoreHero proposed solutions tailored to our products and the brand’s core concept. Additionally, StoreHero offers subsequent growth hacking solutions, which is its signature service.
With a good personality and consultation, I highly recommend StoreHero as a partner who accompanies EC.

The estimated price of Store Building



    JPY / month

    • Provide advice on requirements definition and implementation.
    • Suggest a general selling method.

    1 million

    JPY / month

    • Front-end implementation without major customization.
    • Implement selling functions within the scope that can be done with Shopify Apps.
    • Suggest a general selling method.

    1.5 million

    JPY / month

    • Customize the theme according to the selling method.
    • Implement selling functions within the scope that can be done with Shopify Apps.
    • Suggest a selling method specially tailored for your products.

    2 million~

    JPY / month

    • Customize the theme according to the selling method.
    • Developing selling functions that Shopify Apps cannot achieve the desired result.
    • Suggest selling methods specially tailored for your product.